About Me

Hello there my name is Miquette Breitenbach I am a Scottish Artist, originally from Dundee living in Edinburgh with my gorgeous daughter Hazel.

I am also the Owner of Strawberry Anarchy ...  where each of my handmade items tells the story of this peculiar place… 

My mum described me once as "a multicoloured pain in the arse" haha apparently I'm a little eccentric but I don't really know if I am or not, I have been told I am so maybe? I am very passionate and get excited about things I enjoy or feel strongly about.

I love all  the creative outlets, travelling and creative writing. I use my blog to show off the cool things I find and to share things that have inspired me or have spurred some kind of emotional response in hope that they have the same effect on you (that emotional response could be a cuteness attack or it could be pure anger) I also like to talk about projects I am in the process of making and for you to let me know your thoughts? I am on a quest to stay happy and remain positive (it can be a challenge) and I hope to bring you along for the ride :)

I am a fan of graffiti, street art, graphic design, animations, quirky films, cute, surreal, magical, enchanted, giant and miniature things. Sci Fi, documentaries, computer games, fantasy, weird and bizarre  I also love designer toys, vintage toys and modern toys. Most of all I love using my hands to make physical objects and Strawberry Anarchy has enabled me to return to my first love - polymer clay.

I asked friends to describe me because it's very hard to describe yourself here is what they said:

"Crazy and fun, nutty yet nice. Full of juicy strawberries and a little bit of spice!"

"funny bugger!"

"Honest, full of love, a little bit naive and easy to get hurt by the people, help giving never taking anything for that. Sweet and

 sometimes crazy but crazy like open mind not caring about what the others will think. The one that can only be loved"

"erratic, creative, free thinking, loving, passionate, sensitive bag of nuts  "

"Fabulously creative and fun "

Please enjoy your trip around my blog 
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