Monday, 25 November 2013

Strawberry Anarchy Facebook Giveaway Win Money...

Hello Everyone so sorry I haven't posted much on my blog but I thought you might like to know I am having a giveaway on facebook... You can win £25 to spend in my shop. Easy peasy to take part too just click on the photo or link below and like and comment on the giveaway post which is pinned at the top of my facebook page :)
Just follow this link to take part...

Monday, 4 November 2013

The Tale of the Blue Inspiration Sprites- Bubble Necklaces Dome Necklace Vial Necklace

Inspiring Blue Sprites are all around the place in little nooks and crannies of floor boards, hiding in plants and behind little stones. They have very squeeky voices and they shout out inspiring words to make you feel better and remember what to do. I got them to write all the inspiring words they knew so you could be reminded of these words...

 Inside the sphere written in blue are the inspiring words "believe, create, strength, courage, love, laugh, live, dream, hope, patience, eternity, unity, peace, inspire and faith" Also includes a teeny blue sprite with 4 different glitter blends in blue shades with stars, sequins, chars, hearts and tiny blue balls. Unique and stunning and fun to play with too when you shake it to find all the words.

 This would be good to give someone who you want to cheer up who's going through a bit of a blue period (you see why I made it blue now). Each has a 24inch Silver and Coloured Petite 1.5mm Ball Chain.. (This Can be cut to any length with a standard pair of scissors) You can see some other jewellery in my shop..

Hello everyone, these wee cuties are £15 each with free postage to the U.K and reduced postage elsewhere just until listed in my etsy shop. All you need is a credit or debit card or pay pal account to purchase. Comment "sold" and what colour below OR private mail me for a private buy. These are the last of the cubes I will be making! 

If you can't purchase one like and comment with your favourite colour of Sprite Cube and I will put it up for grabs in a giveaway :)

Strawberry Anarchy is home to a lot of sprites that live in strange places for example in Candy Floss forest, the tall trees grow candy floss, inside the candy floss live sprites, I actually ate one by accident when I was eating some of the candy floss ( I felt so guilty) but as it popped in my mouth it tasted like the most purest strongest candy floss flavour burst you could ever imagine. I considered collecting them to sell as a gourmet delicacy here on Earth, but luckily my conscience got the better of me and I realised that would just be pure evil. So I caught this one to show you what they look like... It will come alive if you ever visit Strawberry Anarchy... so no candy floss sprites were harmed in the making of this...

This little Pendant measures...

Outside dimensions: 0.82" x 0.82" x 0.82" (21 x 21 x 21 mm)

It's very securely sealed and can't be opened!

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