Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Strawberry Anarchy Charity Auction for the Little Room Pendant.

I like to do these from time to time. I love a bit of charity shopping too you always get the best bargains in charity shops I've never understood people who think it's dirty or disgusting to buy second hand stuff. I believe it's called thrift shopping in the U.S.A. I have found some of my most cherished possessions and clothes from boot sales and charity shops, plus you are helping people at the same time it's win win. This is an auction for Diabetes UK. I met a woman who came into my old work and they are desperately looking for people to volunteer for them.  Also my granddad had this, and some friends and family too. It's a horrible disease.

Anyway without any further ado, here is the necklace I am selling. One of a kind... just click on the pics for details...

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Sunday, 22 September 2013

3D Printed Hermit Crab Houses

"Aki Inomata used CT scanning to capture highly-detailed, 3-dimentional rendering of an unoccupied seashell. Using a 3D printer, she then created several prototypes of miniaturized Parisian apartments and Tokyo-type dwellings. These she gave to her hermit crabs to try out. Her crabs showed their approval for her architecture by promptly moving into their new homes after molting. Mind you, hermit crabs are not fickle when it comes to shelter. I’ve seen one living in a used cola can. If it’s sturdy and big enough, it’ll do. These days, her crustaceans are wearing the skylines of entire cities on their backs. Aki lives and works in Tokyo, Japan." Source www.pondly.com

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The Tale Of The Mushroom on the Floating Magical Island in the Sky

Once upon a floating magical island in the sky grew a tiny mushroom,

no larger than the size of a lentil. 
When plucked from it's grassy verge this mushroom has potential 
to make you go............................
mental, mental chicken oriental.

Made with polymer clay and with tiny painted details.

Nickel Free - 25mm Glass Globe with Antique Bronzed Pendant,
High Quality 18"Antique Bronze Brass Chain Necklace

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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Cute Miniature Doll House Room and Other Jewelry / Jewellery...

 I sometimes list things on facebook and they get bought straight away and don't make it to my etsy shop. I haven't always blogged about these but I am going to now as it shows some of my most popular work. I will be making some similar items but I get bored making the same thing too many times. Although look out for some new Chili Necklaces coming soon :)

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Thursday, 19 September 2013

The Tale of the Wee Blue Shroom

They grow from the roof pointing downwards. Strange coloured things in Strawberry Anarchy are not that extraordinary at all though. In fact, they are as common as a crumb collected in the bottom of a toaster. To me however they are as beautiful as can be, so I planted one in this vial so you can see... 

This vial measures just 3/4 inch tall!

Corked and glued shut for extra strength.

24inch Silver and Coloured Petite 1.5mm Ball Chain...

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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

The Tale of the little Speckled Mushroom

I went to visit mushroom girl who lives in most magical land in Strawberry Anarchy she actually pointed out these very special speckled mushrooms that grow from her roof downwards. She said I could pick as many as I wanted but be careful not to eat them or I would see things upside down forever. So as not to confuse you I grabbed one and put it in the right way up, or have I?

Glass Size without Ring: 11x15mm
Antiqued Bronze Ring Base Size: 15mm (adjustable)
Ring Cabochon Size: 15mm
Materials: Glass & Brass
Nickel Free & Lead Free

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