Monday, 5 August 2013

The Tale of Glow Chum the Jar Head

This is Glow Chum the Jar head... she has mirrors in the bottom to reflect the glow, glow in the dark glass rods and glow in the dark polymer clay with glass dome and glass casing. So she is transformed in the night... Click here to view her in my Etsy shop
“Glow chum the jar head is a very special being in Strawberry anarchy she has great knowledge and power and is an entity of huge amounts of emitting energy which deeply enhance powerful feelings of happiness and crazy dancing. She got her glow given to her from the wise being. Things that glow have power in the day and power in the night, a phenomenon that is not unusual in strawberry anarchy but a very special gift from the wise being.Many creatures in Strawberry anarchy crowd round Glow-chum almost like she is a godly D.J with the most raw blasting and baseline beats and tunes you wouldn't have heard. Glowing balls, stars and rings fly out of glow chums head and the creatures try to catch them almost like us trying to catch bubbles while glow chum produces hums and beats for them to dance to. The glowing rods sway from side to side and curl up and down while she spreads her glow shapes. It looks almost tribal. This magnificent feeling you get is on another level when you manage to catch a glow star or glowing orb. I danced like I have never danced before.

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