Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Sprite Eater From the Land of Forgotten Day Dreams in Strawberry Anarchy

This is a dangerous beast from deep within the land of forgotten day dreams in Strawberry Anarchy. This monster likes to feast on Grape Sprites. You can see he has Caught one, the poor sprite is now trapped for life and frozen within the belly of the monster and every time this monster breaths a bubble appears and the grape sprite gets burped up and I managed to catch a glimpse of this rare moment before it was too late. Just like there are different species of sprites there are equally different species of sprite eaters. Those poor little sprites need to tread very carefully they are in grape danger :(
This monster has been snapped up but be sure to check my Etsy shop for more weird and wonderful stories and creatures from the world of Strawberry Anarchy. Also don't forget to subscribe to my newsletter and blog if you like it. 

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