Monday, 3 June 2013

Strawberry Anarchy Asks Beat Black

 Name: Sarah Norton
Occupation: designing, creating and selling jewelry and art
Favourite colour: Aqua
Favourite animal: Starfish
Favourite arty book: I don't really have a favorite. Thinking of the ones I own, I really like Brian Frouds Goblins and Faries books. They always inspire but these days I'm more likely to look through peoples portflios online instead.
Favourite song or band: I never know how to answer this question when people ask. There's just too many
Inspiration or favourite artist: I gain most of my inspiration from watercolours, things I see in nature books or outdoors and the obvious anatomy, candy and tattoos.
Shop name & link: 
Beat Black

What you make: kitschy, macabre, cute and creepy polymer clay jewelry, accessories and figures
who taught you what you know and do you use a sewing machine? I'm self taught. 
when did you decide to sell your art online and why? In 2007 while I was going to college I thought it might be a cool way to make some money without having to get a normal job... I didn't make much money. 
Do you sell offline too? I do. I like to sell at craft shows or expos where I can get instant feedback and meet other local sellers.
Where do you make stuff? (please get a photo if possible of work room) I make it all in a small corner of my apartment. I'll admit it's usually not this tidy but things do have their place when company's coming.

What are some other interests or hobbies you enjoy doing?
My most favorite ones are hunting for beach glass, cooking, sewing and playing video games.
What is your favourite piece of art in your shop now and why?
Right now its my gore chainsaw necklaces:
Despite all the clay details they come out of the oven very plain looking. It's the blood and grease I get to add at the end that makes them my favorite thing to make.

To see more of the wonderful creation visit Beat Black on Etsy. 

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