Monday, 10 June 2013

Mahala Le May - Sugar Skulls, Micro Cakes, Mini Patisserie & Food Design

"mahala le may is a designer who creates fantastical eating experiences that engage, surprise and promote social exchange. By modifying spaces, utensils and edibles, she delivers bespoke events of many shapes and most sizes, providing a real treat for all who take part." based in Edinburgh.
 I went to a business network meeting a while back with friends Cat Morley and Tom Waddington from Cutoutandkeep and I met the wonderful Mahala Le May, she is the brains and talent behind
Mahala is a food designer. If you are looking for a special unique touch for your event she will make it magical and enchanting with perhaps mini pie pops sticking out of grass, sugar skulls actually made from sugar and decorated with icing. Forks bent to hold food while suspended from string hanging from the roof. I love the quirkiness of it all and if you want people to remember your event then this is the lady who will make it happen.

Food Experiments by Mahala

After the business networking I got in touch with Mahala to ask if she would like to do an interview for Strawberry Anarchy ( coming soon). Cat from cutoutandkeep  had also been in touch with Mahala which was pretty funny, good minds and all that. Mahala invited us to come decorate sugar skulls and cat invited us to use the CutoutandKeep head quarters to make them. 

Here is an example of the skulls we made that evening...
Tom, Cat and Mahala making sugar skulls.
Decorating at the table and more lovely skull photos, look at that glass of tea, cool isn't it? Sorry It has nothing to do with this post really I just liked it.
My Skull
Mahalas skull...
All of our finished sugar skulls together
Here are the wonderful pie pops and grass, aint it lovely?
Skull Making Progress photos
Hanging Forks bent with nibble bites on them, how magical?
It was a really nice night and great company, drinking tea, talking and all the time making sugar skulls, thanks for a wonderful experience Mahala. Keep a look out for the interview with Mahala Le May soon and check out her website here and bookmark it for your event. And if you want an event with a difference then you know who to contact :)

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