Saturday, 1 June 2013

Gratitude Buddies By Strawberry Anarchy

As you take a long walk through the rainbow streets of strawberry Anarchy you sometimes stand on little gratitude buddies. They are camouflaged in the bright and colourful streets and stones so they are not easily spotted. When you step on one it makes a squeak then it sends a signal to your brain which makes you think of something you are grateful for. That day I had already came across a scary black monster who was chewing up a tiny cute creature. It scared me and I was upset, but when I stepped on my gratitude buddy it made me remember how lucky I was to be alive and to be experiencing what I was, for that I am grateful. Gratitude is something that has really helped me this year. Every time I feel down I think of 5 things to be grateful for. I can always think of 5 things. Even then I think of more and more come to you. It is a great habit to get into and it does improve your life. This year I have been much more positive and my mental health has improved and so many great opportunities have come my way. I believe it has to do with gratitude. Even if you believe you have nothing you have the capacity to think and for that you know you have at least something.
Inspired by this story from The Secret:

"Lee Brower was a teacher who found that things weren't going right in his life.
One day, he found a rock and he said to himself 'Every time I touch this rock, I'm going to think of something I'm grateful for'.

And so every morning he wakes up, picks up his rock from the dresser, puts it in his pocket and he goes through what he's grateful for in life.

And every night he comes home, empties his pocket, sees his rock and again he goes through what he's grateful for.

And so one day he had a friend from South Africa visit and he dropped the rock in front of his friend and the friend from South Africa asked 'What is that?'

Lee Brower explained what he was doing with his rock and pretty soon his friend started calling it a Gratitude Rock.

Two weeks later, Lee Brower got an email from his South African friend asking if he had any Gratitude Rocks to send over. His friend explained that his son was suffering from a rare form of Hepatitis and was dying. So Lee went to the river to look for rocks and he sent the rocks to his friend in South Africa.

Five months later, Lee gets an email from his friend telling him that his son is doing terrific and completely cured of the disease."

Stones are a bit boring so I thought it would be nice to have a little polymer clay companion to look over you while you sleep and to greet you when you wake and remind you to think of all the luckiness and things to be grateful for in your life. 

It's really helped me so I hope it helps you too :)

Of course you can choose a stone off the street but I hope that you choose one of my little gratitude buddies because it would be nice to know your wellbeing was part of something I had made and passed on. I will write the instructions and include them inside it's little package. 

I can do all different colours too so just let me know. I will keep the packaging coordinated too.

These would make a lovely present for someone who has been down lately or that you think they have a lot to be grateful for but just can't see it. 

the tub is 4.5 cm in circumference and I have included a photo of me holding one of my gratitude buddies. The eyes are glass.

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