Monday, 27 May 2013

Strawberry Anarchy Asks Monster Koookies

Name: Kimberly Ann Hart
Occupation: I manipulate clay into strange shapes.
Favourite colour: Purple. And black. And lime green... purple the most. It's always been my favourite colour.
Favourite animal: Any sort of fury rodent.
Favourite arty book: I really love books that go into detail about a specific craft or technique. Aside from that, though - I really love The Very Hungry Caterpillar. All those illustrated coloured textures are awesome. Plus he likes to eat - and so do I.
Favourite song or band: I don't have one specific favourite - there are too many. Lately my favourite album has got to be Push The Sky Away by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds or Anastasis by Dead Can Dance.
Inspiration or favourite artist: There are way too many to even name. Inspiration usually comes from random daydreams, thoughts, and dreams at night. I love, though - there are so many talented artists, there.
Shop Name and Link: Monster Kookies
Official website:
Etsy shop:

What you make: A vast variety of strange things. Anatomical things, strange things in my own cartoony style, mechanical/industrial things... all sorts of stuff, really. I don't have one specific style, so it seems.
Who taught you what you know? I am completely self-taught. 
when did you decide to sell your art online and why? A friend introduced me to Etsy a long time ago, and after awhile I thought that my stuff might find a good home on there. I had been sculpting for a little while and just selling to family and friends, but selling online was a completely different experience, and I was now face to face with a global community. It was a bit mind blowing  I live in a small town, and I know that my stuff doesn't exactly appeal to everyone here. Being online exposes you to people from every corner of the globe that might be interested in what you're making.
Do you sell offline too? Yep. I sell in a few stores - Uber Cool Stuff in London, Ontario, Canada, Elizabeth's Art Gallery in Goderich, Ontario, Canada, and the Mutter Museum Gift Store in Philadelphia, PA, USA.
Where do you make stuff ? I work in my home studio. I included a photo of me at work.
What are some other interests or hobbies you enjoy doing? I do chainmaille, as well. I also do a lot of chocolate making, baking, cooking, sprouting, listening to music. I love food, so I also love trying new restaurants.
What is your favourite piece of art in your shop now and why? Right now I have an awesome squid and a One Eyed Elephant at Elizabeth's Art Gallery in Goderich, ON.  They are best seen up close and personal because the photos just don't do them justice.

You can see more of these wonderful creations over at the Monster Kookies Etsy Shop

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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Twinkie Chan Magnetic Necklace by Cat Morley

This is one of the coolest things I have seen for a while. I love that it's magnetic and changeable too. So cute! Made by Cat Morley from Cutoutandkeep.

See Twinkie Chan Paper Doll Necklace and 1000's of others - or share your own on Cut Out + Keep

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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Aliens Under The Bed Film WithCutie Pot Heads

I posted before and mentioned the Bootleg Film Festival. My cousin made a film that won an award for it and I went with her to spend a lovely day watching some amazing films. This particular film also has Strawberry Anarchy pot Heads in it. Just in the background. So keep a look out and see if you can spot them. My cousin and her talented friend made this brilliant short film which explores the feelings of a woman who is approaching menopause and going a little off her head thinking aliens under the bed are stealing things. I love it, hope you like it too.
Aliens Under the Bed from stray seal on Vimeo.
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Bloody Cuts at the Bootleg Film Festival In Edinburgh

I discovered Bloody Cuts at the Bootleg Film Festival in Edinburgh. My cousin had a film in it which I will also be blogging about soon. If you watched Are you Afraid of the Dark you might like this, I was addicted to watching it when I was younger. Bloody cuts are short horror films. I don't watch much horror nowadays but these were really outstanding and I loved the graphics and atmosphere they created. You can watch more over at the Bloodycuts website where they release some new short films from time to time. They are very professional and I am sure they said they have the same special effects person working on them as Doctor Who. but here are my favourite two short films.
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Monday, 20 May 2013

Strawberry Anarchy Asks JPS

Occupation: ARTIST fulltime
Favourite colour: Hard to choose 1 so i'd have to say red
Favourite animal: cats
Favourite art or graffiti book: I dont study any other artists
Inspiration or favourite artist: Eminem i find very inspirational how his determination combined with skill achieved his goals
What is your favourite film? Robocop
Shop name & link: JPS Facebook Page
What you make: sometimes money sometimes art 
who taught you what you know? even though my father was a prolific alcoholic criminal he was very skilled at art unfortunately he only really done art in prison but he did teach me how to draw 3d cars when i was just 4 years old. most of my skills i taught myself i was definitely blessed with a natural ability for art.
Do you sell your art as well as painting walls? yes i do but not a great deal at moment I'm currently living back at mums and its very difficult to paint stuff here as she keeps the house so damn tidy but on the other hand the fact she lets me live here rent free so i sometimes wonder could i survive solely on the art? when i do sell work i do get good prices but the money goes back into weed, paint, and equipment and onto walls i still have no bank account so selling work can be tricky.

What are some other interests or hobbies you enjoy doing? i enjoy exploring abandoned places and also reading up on multiple murders lol (that sounds so wrong lol)

What is your favourite piece? as I've been so prolific this year its difficult to answer that. I did turn down a 3k offer on the chunk of wall piece even though i could repeat the piece there will only be 1 chunk of wall I'm not an artist motivated by greed.

I think either you or Thierry Guetta could secretly be Banksy, has anyone else ever thought this before, and what do you say to that? If Thierry Guetta ins't Banksy then Banksy owes him a slap for so shamelessly rippin him off, so i like to think there 1 of the same, yes i also have been asked a number of times if I'm Banksy but I'm not.  I'm JPS (i stopped being Banksy 2 years ago)

Where the magic happens
I listened to your latest interview on Kreep Radio and you say you want to challenge Banksy, how would you challenge him? well with the pennywise piece I've kicked it off by taking the infamous Banksy balloon its a given that he should do a piece that takes it back i know he wont respond he doesn't acknowledge my existence it would not be the same type of war as the robbo thing because painting over each others work is lame.

How do you keep your ideas fresh and do you ever have periods of time when you can’t come up with new ideas? an artists biggest fear is running out of ideas I've been lucky in that respect although if that does happen i'll just switch to showing off technical pieces the old school type work. most artists blocks come from looking at others work for inspiration that's why i ignore/ avoid looking at others work at least for ideas because that can cloud the channels in your brain that fresh ideas come from.

What have you got planned for the future? get to america and not look back!

What does your mum say about your art? Is she encouraging? Also what murders are you reading about at the moment? Why do you want to go to the states, what draws you to it?
My mum doesn't realise the money that can be made, she says she likes my stuff but she always turns down art gifts i give her she says shes proud so i guess i'll have to settle for that. not really reading up on murderers lately I'm waiting for the James Holmes trial to start that's an interesting case to look at. I've always found I've had a strong desire to head to america and most of my fans/buyers are Americans i think they deserve a JPS show.

If you want to have a look at some other amazing work from JPS, visit his facebook page and you will be sure to find many gems.

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Thursday, 9 May 2013

Strawberry Anarchy Model Emma Rose Smith

Photos of Emma Rose Smith wearing her Happy Flower from Strawberry Anarchy. I am so happy with the photos it's amazing to see my jewellery being worn. I also love customer appreciation photos, at the end of the year I will be doing a big giveaway for everyone who sends me in a photo. So please get your photos in :)

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