Wednesday, 3 April 2013

I Came Up With a Cool Way To Upcycle Play Doh Tubs...

I have been mulling it over in my head for a while since I bought a cheap set of 50 colours of Play Doh on Ebay for my daughter and I bring out a few new colours every time the previous ones dry up or get mixed into poo colour. So anyway I was thinking If I managed to get the labels off they would be quite good packaging containers, the fact that it said Play Doh on top was a wee bit annoying though but then I thought, ahh these look very similar size to my round Moo logo stickers. and ping!

lovely recycled play doh containers. Turned into magical Strawberry Anarchy packing. The image will take you to my pinterest account where you will see this in it's original size.

First of all I put them all into hot water with fairy liquid. This was fine to get the first paper type layer of sticker off but then I was left with the glue and stubborn sticky white residue bit underneath. I got some nail polish remover and it even removed the ugly wee black serial number bit on the bottom.

The whole house stinks of nail polish remover though which isn't so good since I spilled loads all over the place. Anyway I thought it was a fun ideas and I would blog about it. 

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  1. You! Are a genius ♥

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  3. That's clever. I think my daughter uses her empty ones to store miniature toys, but we can definitely do something to make them look more appealing.

    1. also a good idea it's a shame to waste them or throw them away because the colours are so bright and nice :)


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