Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Comparing Identical Twins

I have always been fascinated with identical twins, triplets and other multiples. I was really interested in conjoined twins for ages too and watched quite a lot of documentaries on them, they are amazing the way they have learned to compromise. I found these photos below from the 22 words facebook page and I had to share them. There's a book with many more comparisons. Martin Schoeller has photographed celebrities and it looks like he's worked for some top places before and has quite a few other book

I actually quite fancied being a twin right up until I seen this really mental episode of Intervention, which follows people with addiction, two twins were anorexic and they would compete with each other it was so sad their parents had never given them their own identity and it really messed them up. I changed my mind after that episode which you can get the jist of here.

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