Monday, 11 March 2013

Super Punk Rock Mom: Strawberry Anarchy Give-away!

Hello everyone. I wanted to introduce to you my lovely new friend Sara Dixon and her brilliant blog "Super Punk Rock Mom" blog. Sara bought some of my art last year and we have became friends and talk online now. I love meeting new cool people, just wish I could meet all my internet friends in real life one day, I have already met a few and it was brilliant. I have met so many lovely people from doing Strawberry Anarchy it's truly amazing.  Sara has recently beaten thyroid cancer (how amazing is she?) and likes cool things, love her blog it's one of my favourites. She wanted to hold a Strawberry Anarchy Give-away  so There are two happy flowers to be given away-  Feel free to email me at Strawberryanarchy @ if you are also interested in holding a give-away on your blog too :)

Anyway without Further ado, I will direct you to Sara's blog... Super Punk Rock Mom

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