Monday, 25 March 2013

Strawberry Anarchy NSPCC Auction...

Hi everyone I decided to do a charity listing because I was broke when it was red nose day. My charity of choice is NSPCC to prevent cruelty to children. It's so important for children to be loved and protected and it breaks my heart to know that some are mistreated.

 I am going to be listing some more charity auctions from time to time and for different charities. 100% of this ones goes to the NSPCC and it is for one of my weirdest creation yet..

 This is Sible The Shoe Collector 

 She has a thing for shoes but only new ones because they smell the nicest, she also likes the smell of flowers and you can see some have grown on her head as well. Like a magnet new shoes are drawn to her head to stay there.

 She is a cheeky and loves to cheekily stick her tongue out at you for thinking she is a weirdo! This is a recycled jar, you can use it to store lots of things, buttons, food, sweets or whatever you fancy. Very unique and strange and perfect for someone who likes shoes.

 She was made with white silicone bath sealant, toy doll shoes, handmade eyes and tongue.

 This will be signed and numbered. She is approx 5 inches tall 3.5 inches wide.

  This is only the second Jar Head I have made so it's very special.

 Good Luck everyone and thank you for bidding! :) Here is a link to the listing (link)

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