Saturday, 9 March 2013

DMT: It's a Spiritual Thing, A soul Thing...

I watched a documentary on DMT, it can be made from plants and we all have it in us, it gets released when we are in deep REM sleep and it also gets released when we die. I had to write about it because the place they explain just feels so familiar to me and I am wondering if anyone else gets this feeling?  I have never taken it but still feel like I have been to this place. I have had a near death experience so perhaps it was then. Although part of me thinks it was in dreams. It was a place that explained everything about life but was very complicated. These people can describe it much better than me... Anyway it's pretty weird it's reminded me of the old me who really believed in things like this much more and it has made me happy and feel at ease and also again believe that this is the place we visit when we die, the part that really reminded me was when the woman was talking about symbols and languages come out from a centre point. I have seen this at some point and remember it to be amazing that all of it made sense but it was so complicated and beyond me to explain.

I have been reading different experiences people have had and some explain things that I have drawn like black figures with no bones and that are like liquid like my "lost souls" painting  I did in university,  it just came from nowhere one day and I just started drawing it. One particular dream I remembered for being extra interesting had a tribal totem pole type figure with real faces, three high, it was doing a tribal dance and they were jumping and moving in-between each other from bottom to top and changing places while doing a tribal dance ( so hard to describe) anyway someone said they had seen this too. It's really interesting. Below you can hear some people describe what they experienced...


  1. The video won't play in the US but i will search around for other experiences and descriptions. I have been hearing about DMT from a friend lately so its interesting that you posted this. I never under estimate the power of dreams and also anything is possible.The mind is a terrible thing to waste! (:

  2. You can get netflix free for one month and it's on there, there's lots of interesting documentaries on Netflix actually and you can cancel the direct debit on paypal if you only want it for a month. I was hearing about DMT from a friend lately too. Really fascinating stuff. I don't think my brain can handle anything like that now though. It's good to read about other peoples experiences, the scary ones are terrifying though and what happened if you got stuck? eek


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