Sunday, 17 February 2013

Strawberry Anarchy Asks Love & a Sandwich

Name: Chelsea Bloxsom (aka Love & a Sandwich)

Occupation: Monster maker, sewn art creator, seamstress

Favourite colour: Yellow, teal, red, and black. 

Favourite animal: My dog, Khan! I also really like golden snub-nosed monkeys.

Favourite arty book: Plucker by Brom or any comic illustrated by Alex Ross

Favourite song or band: Right now I'm obsessed with MS MR and Friendly Fires, but it changes a lot. 

Inspiration or favourite artist: Animated movies & TV shows inspire me a lot. Just a few artists I love are Lana Crooks, Felt Mistress, A Little Stranger, and  Jon Knox

Shop name & link: Love & a Sandwich

What you make: Furry neon monsters and embroidery hops with sewn art on them! Sometimes I make costumes and accessories.

who taught you what you know?: I taught myself from books at the library and some random internet resources.

when did you decide to sell your art online and why?: A little under a year from when I started sewing toys for fun. I was posting them up on art sites just to show off and people started asking if they could buy them so I set up an Etsy shop!

Do you sell offline too?: I send things to gallery shows occasionally but mostly I just 
Where do you make stuff ? In my apartment! Here's an old picture of my workspace: 

What are some other interests or hobbies you enjoy doing?: I love baking and cooking and pretty much any craft form. And hanging out with my dog. I'm really into finding new music and watching documentaries about most things.

What is your favourite piece of art in your shop now and why? There isn't much in my shop right now but I guess it would be my piranha plant hoop: I really liked how it came out.

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