Thursday, 28 February 2013

Lots Of New Strawberry Anarchy Goodies!

Hi everyone, just thought I would talk about my new products a little, I have been experimenting with new eyes for the Happy Flowers and Scary Stars. Also I have redone some photos for the vials, they were quite old photos. I am waiting for more wire to continue making more flowers but it's taking a little while. Really hope to get them soon. Please Mr postman come today...

Twisted the Jar head sold, It was the first of the jar type heads and so I was over the moon...
 These Voo Doo Hearts- Break In Case of Emergency have been popular so I have listed another in my shop
 I made a human like pot head. I had drawn this girl a while back and my mum said she would love to see it in pot head form. I thought it would be nice to challenge myself to do a fairly " normal" type pot head for a change and I'm happy with the way she turned out.
 This is one of the new Happy Flowers, you can see the new eyes here too!
Below is Sporesamore Cutie Pot Head!

The Tale of Scary Zombie Torqquiii Star

If you have been interested in using this Polymer Clay then keep a look out for a little handy tips post I am making at the moment to help beginners get started, It shall be posted very soon. I reveal things that I wish I had known years ago when I first started working with polymer clay.To see other new items in my shop please click here! :) 

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