Friday, 11 January 2013

Salty The Bath Salt Pot Monster...By Strawberry Anarchy

The brief was to make a tentacle Pot Head Monster, The  customer wanted scary and cute. He said to go ahead and use my Strawberry Anarchy Style so here is the end result! He suggested to put the black slime coming out of the tentacles, loved that Idea... his nick name is " salty, the bath salt monster" his owner named him Smiley I had great fun doing this, it's the most challenging model I have made yet. It's approx 6 inches tall!  and almost 6 inches wide. 

I build a frame with wire and tin foil , then covered it with clay . I had to weigh it down with coins because the top was heavy so I built in some coins to the bottom of the pot and glued the plant in!


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