Friday, 28 December 2012

'Unfold', by alto (aka Chris Dobson) a Designer Toy Show in Edinburgh

This was a really exciting event for me to attend, my first ever visit to a designer toy exhibition, I got mixed up with the days and almost went one day early (thank goodness it was a day earlier and not later) I got a few photos... they were a bit rushed because I had my two year old there and she was tired but I think the photos turned out really well considering. I managed to speak to Alto (aka Chris Dobson) who designed the toys, it was really nice to meet the person behind them. I asked him about the process and he told me he modeled the designs in a 3d software package then printed them in 3d, from there the casts were made by DMS and Creo Design.

The Evil Origami toy was cast by DMS ( and Little Ox toy was moulded and cast by Creo Design (

One-off Evil Origami custom, by DMS, produced for the alto solo show, 'Unfold', at the Little Ox Gallery, Edinburgh. All customs available via the gallery itself:

laser cut white acrylic jewellery

                                                  Some customised pieces by different artists... The artists who did custom toys were: Robbie Porter, Daniel Seex, The Lindstrom Effect, Klingatron, Conzo, DMS, Verity Keniger, Lisa Rae Hansen, Badatmath, Effektive Design and  Berg Studio...

Some previous works from Creo... 


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