Thursday, 27 December 2012

"Did" Rainbow Hearts & Music Custom Order...

 I am not writing abruptly like a caveman on purpose the girls nickname is " Did"...

My latest custom order was for a friend of mine, for another friend of ours. Her nick name is " DID" and the brief was , hearts, stars, rainbows, music , big brown eyes and a little mole above the mouth. So this was a lot of fun because I love all of those things too and because I knew the person it made it a little easier than normal.

Sometimes when people ask me to make things for a person and I don't have a lot to go on I ask to see some photos of them or ask what art they like already, I can tell from what clothes they wear, the colours they like and fashion sense which can all help me decide the type of pot head they might like, another great thing that helps is home decor or a link to their facebook page, this person will be displaying the pothead someplace so you want to make sure it looks nice in it's new home.

So far this technique seems to work pretty well I've not had anyone complain yet which is brilliant and reassuring.

When coming up with a design for this particular Cutie Pot Head I wanted the musical notes to be on a rainbow instead of a music script. I also wanted it to have a bit of a retro 80's type feel to it and decided to keep the rainbow colours to just a few instead of the whole spectrum so the brown eyes would go well with the colours. Also I realised I hadn't included a globe in a pot head for a while so I wanted to do little red hearts inside this. These reminded me of a lot of stationery in the 80's that I loved.

Here is the finished piece, feel free to ask me any questions about my work and if you  would like to see more examples of my work then don't forget to visit my shop where you shall be invited into my weird world.

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