Thursday, 20 December 2012

Cool Window Display in Edinburgh by Yayoi Kusama

This was the window display in Jenners  Edinburgh ( I think, it was a while back). It's pretty elaborate for a window display but I love it. The tentacles are really nice. Once I did some digging I found out who the artist was and read this...
 "After a nervous breakdown as a teenager, Kusama has lived with psychological trauma and has been in a psychiatric hospital since the 1970s of her own volition. During hallucinations, she says that dots multiply covering her field of vision threatening to overwhelm her. Her art has been therapy to help control these feelings and she puts the viewer firmly in her hallucinatory world, often in the domestic setting." link to blog

I decided to look for more of her art and just love it ...

More images I found for this artist...

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  1. Her work is so lively!
    Nifty stuff. I'd love to see it in person.


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