Monday, 29 October 2012

The Magical Strawberry Anarchy Garden

Some photos of my mums garden this summer, I love spending time in this garden it's like a little magical fairy sanctuary. You can see the cute little Strawberry Anarchy Corner she made too, isn't it a lovely garden? If you click on the panoramic photos you will be able to see them much clearer...

Strawberry Anarchy Corner

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Laser Cutting Course in Edinburgh with Video and Photos...

At the weekend I attended a laser cutting course, It was £160 for two days, I used my birthday money and it's nice to know I spent it on something worthwhile this time :)

I designed a 2d doll in a similar style to my usual art ( my art) , i.e. lots of stuff coming out of it's head, mental, cute and weird! That pretty much sums up what I do haha.

I have always loved the acrylic jewellery you get but I wanted to use the new skills to concentrate on something a little bit different, These dolls I show you below are just prototypes. I will be getting more cut soon. I need to change the design slightly though, for example the star on the neck of my doll has to be replaced. It makes the neck far too brittle and I broke my clear acrylic one... gutted! That is why you see a little blue bow on the bottom photo because I had to glue it together.

 The course taught us how to prepare files for the laser cutter and how to use a laser cutting software and also we cut things out on lots of different material and  etched some photos, this also taught  me that the mushrooms were too thin. So on material -  they broke! Different materials have different speeds and burn marks depending on what you cut in the laser machine. I made the mushrooms slightly wider at the tops so this didn't happen.

It's so exciting to see a drawing of yours come alive and be cut so quickly from wood or material. Loved it! It's a very addictive feeling.

Below you can see the studio, some work on different mediums and also the laser printer. I have put more videos showing the laser printer in action, You can visit my youtube channel to see it cutting... please subscribe while you are there! Strawberry Anarchy You tube.

If you are interested in attending a laser cutting course in Edinburgh you can book here and if you are interested in owning one of my limited edition dolls then please send me an email to and I will email you when I have them in my shop.

My doll design cut in card
My doll 

The studio, look at the size of the laser cutter...
Jenny Smith (in mustard cardigan) she was our Tutor
Another look at the laser cutter

Cut from painted Card
Some previous designs from the laser studio 
closer look at the designs...
more designs...
Laser cutter in action...

Another woman called Hazel made this... I love it

Freshly Cut Acrylic
Wood and Laser Cut Outs

Peeling off the protective layer 
wooden doll 
Acrylic Doll
A video of the Laser in action...
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