Friday, 14 September 2012

Strawberry Shortcake: Sky's The Limit DVD Review.

I was so lucky to be sent a free Strawberry Shortcake DVD, now I am not going to lie. You might have seen my previous post saying that the vintage cartoon characters were so much cuter than the new ones, if not here it is ( link). I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by this DVD. The animation is gorgeous. I especially like the way their hair flows and it is all very cute. The vintage Strawberry Shortcake is like a completely different show altogether so I wont even start to compare them because I have my vintage wee heart in once place but as it stands the new Strawberry Shortcake is not too bad after all . Frazer kept calling her "Strawberry Anarchy" which was the funniest thing when we watched the film with our almost 2 year old. Who liked it too. When I went to Write this post I went to write Strawberry Anarchy instead too- oops! Very confusing. The song at the end played on a loop and Frazer worked it out in guitar ( we were too lazy to get up and click off of the song so instead we had a little jam. very very sad but very fun too) Our daughter liked it but nothing compares to her favourite show in the world.... Cloudbabies!
 We must hear requests to watch the Cloubabies at least 20 times a day. I don't mind it though because I think they are gorgeous! The same company who sent me this DVD are kindly sending me the Cloudbabies DVD to review. Not only that but they have been kind enough to offer extra DVD's so I can hold a competition and give some to you too. I think it will be a memorable day in our household and maybe the first ever silent hour or so all at once from our energetic toddler.  So please keep a look out! ( you don't even need to be a child, just a big grown up adult child who likes cute stuff and appreciation for nice animation)

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