Saturday, 1 September 2012

My birthday pressies...

I woke up today with a stinking hangover after doing drunken facebook posts... oops. My presents lifted my spirits so much along with nice birthday messages though. I was very spoiled! I got a red ukelele and it's so cute. Also I got this book which I previously blogged about "where children sleep" it's such a gorgeous book! Got a parcel in the post from one of my best friends which was so thoughtful and it included some vit d spray, a few interesting articles and some nice organic sweeties and address labels. I also got lots of money  and the day was finished with a nice Mexican take away meal! We had a lazy day which was nice too because I had quite a stressful week and craved some down time. Thank you to everyone xxx


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    1. Thank you :) second day hangover today though eek, just can't handle it nowadays, but it's so nice to have some birthday money to spend, thank you xx


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