Friday, 14 September 2012

Mattel Talk Ups Doll Zaney Janey Video and Photos

I have taken the plunge and I have decided to sell my precious Talk Ups doll that was given to me by my granny! I had it in my Etsy Vintage and Supplies shop for a while but I decided to put it on ebay in hope I can get some money saved up for a cool craft machine, which I will blog about at some point in the future. I have another one that is pretty wrecked which I played with and now my toddler has it and plays with it which is cool.

 My mum told me to keep this one in the packaging all those years ago and I was so tempted to open it but I decided to resist temptation. I am now 31 and these were made in 1971, they were only made for 1 year and are becoming very hard to find. They are funny little dolls you pull their head away from their body and they say 8 phrases.I will make a little video so you can see them in action :) If you want to have a look on ebay here is the link.

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  1. Hi

    Do you still have the doll for sale? I had one as a little girl and would love to have one again! Kind regards Sarah


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