Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Mish Mash Films! New Films You Might Not Have Heard of...

 HAHA I tried to use this alphabetical order tool to make The Strawberry Anarchy Unique and Quirky film list alphabetical ( AND FAILED) but instead it mish mashed all the film names which I was laughing my arse off to. I so wish these were real, some of them are hilarious and would make really funny films... What's your favourite new film? I personally want to see "Tank Triplets Unfortunate Universe" heheehe...

2007 ♥Crossroads 2012 ♥ Ralph &amp - 1986 ♥City 3d a A About Adams all♥Nothing♥Juno♥My American an and April♥Imaginarium art Ass♥Coraline♥Wayne's At Away♥Edward Babysitting♥Ponyo Baby♥Matilda♥Witches♥James Bandits♥Hocus Basketball Bees♥Up♥The Belleville♥Mary Bill♥Cj7♥Death Bob♥Scary Bones♥Sin Borrowers♥Kamikaze Boys♥Casper♥Ghost Boys♥True Brady Breakfast Brian Brothers♥Ella Bunch♥The Busters♥The Butterfly by By By♥ Cafe♥Little Cars Children♥Whip Chocolate chronicles♥Drop Circuit♥Now City♥Watchmen♥Idiocracy♥Exit cliff Club♥The Commitements♥Elf♥Big Craft♥E T♥Mary Craft♥The Crystal♥Pans Dark Darkly♥Shrek♥Little Darko Days days Dead Diaries♥Zombie Donnie Doubtfire♥Everything dr Dream♥Benny Dredd Eating Effect♥Paper Element♥Mirror Ember♥Spun♥Weird Enchanted♥Requiem Events♥500 everyone Eyed Factory♥Lemony Family♥Who Famous♥Pieces film Fish♥Adventures for Framed Fred♥Cry Future Future♥Riding Gardens♥The Garden♥The Garden♥There's Getting Giant Gift Gilbert Girls♥Percy Girl♥Penelope♥Leon♥Kill Girl♥Run Girl♥Thirteen♥Perfume♥Avatar♥Gremlins♥Girl Go Goonies♥Heathers♥Babe♥Weird Grail♥The Grape♥Four Green Gretel Gump♥Monsters Happy Hearts♥Across Hill♥Who's Holy Hunter♥500 Illuminated♥Mermaids♥Hansel in inc♥The infinite Interrupted♥The is It♥The Jackson John Joon♥The Juice♥labyrinth♥Scary know♥ labrynthe♥Goodbye Land♥Charlie Las Lenin♥Nick Life Lightning list♥The Loathing Lola Lovely Love♥Lost Lucky♥Troll Macchio Magic♥Beetle Make Malckovitch♥The Malone♥How Mary♥Bugsy Mask♥Being Mask♥Black Mask♥Spiderwick me Me♥Blues Me♥Garden Mind♥Lost Miss Moan♥Neverwas♥Sponge Monsters♥Short Movie♥The Music♥The Neverending Norah's Of of on Oz♥Little Parnassus♥The Peach♥Time Pilgrim play Pocus♥Practical Poppins♥Serenity♥Back Poppins♥The Proof♥Superbad♥Tideland♥Stand Python's Quilt♥Grey Rabbit♥Castle Railway Rambo♥Bridge Ramen River Roger Royale♥The Runs Run♥Pinocchio♥Spinal Scanner Science Science♥Back Science♥Sleepers♥Silent Scissorhands♥A sea♥Eternal Secret Series Shop♥You Sky♥Monty Sleep♥Precious♥The Snake Snicket's Something sound Sound Spotless State♥Almost Stop Story♥ summer♥ Summer♥The Sunshine Sunshine♥Battle Tap♥Fifth Taste Tea♥Fried Terabithia♥A the The Then♥My Thief♥Scott Through through To to Tomatoes Translation♥Tank Triplets Unfortunate Universe♥Fear Vegas♥Spirited vs we Whistle with Without Wizard Woman♥Son Women♥Waitress♥Forest World♥Kick World♥Mrs ♥Amelie♥The

Friday, 14 September 2012

Mattel Talk Ups Doll Zaney Janey Video and Photos

I have taken the plunge and I have decided to sell my precious Talk Ups doll that was given to me by my granny! I had it in my Etsy Vintage and Supplies shop for a while but I decided to put it on ebay in hope I can get some money saved up for a cool craft machine, which I will blog about at some point in the future. I have another one that is pretty wrecked which I played with and now my toddler has it and plays with it which is cool.

 My mum told me to keep this one in the packaging all those years ago and I was so tempted to open it but I decided to resist temptation. I am now 31 and these were made in 1971, they were only made for 1 year and are becoming very hard to find. They are funny little dolls you pull their head away from their body and they say 8 phrases.I will make a little video so you can see them in action :) If you want to have a look on ebay here is the link.

Strawberry Shortcake: Sky's The Limit DVD Review.

I was so lucky to be sent a free Strawberry Shortcake DVD, now I am not going to lie. You might have seen my previous post saying that the vintage cartoon characters were so much cuter than the new ones, if not here it is ( link). I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by this DVD. The animation is gorgeous. I especially like the way their hair flows and it is all very cute. The vintage Strawberry Shortcake is like a completely different show altogether so I wont even start to compare them because I have my vintage wee heart in once place but as it stands the new Strawberry Shortcake is not too bad after all . Frazer kept calling her "Strawberry Anarchy" which was the funniest thing when we watched the film with our almost 2 year old. Who liked it too. When I went to Write this post I went to write Strawberry Anarchy instead too- oops! Very confusing. The song at the end played on a loop and Frazer worked it out in guitar ( we were too lazy to get up and click off of the song so instead we had a little jam. very very sad but very fun too) Our daughter liked it but nothing compares to her favourite show in the world.... Cloudbabies!
 We must hear requests to watch the Cloubabies at least 20 times a day. I don't mind it though because I think they are gorgeous! The same company who sent me this DVD are kindly sending me the Cloudbabies DVD to review. Not only that but they have been kind enough to offer extra DVD's so I can hold a competition and give some to you too. I think it will be a memorable day in our household and maybe the first ever silent hour or so all at once from our energetic toddler.  So please keep a look out! ( you don't even need to be a child, just a big grown up adult child who likes cute stuff and appreciation for nice animation)

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Strawberry Anarchy Asks Stoopidgerl...

Name: Kim Ripley (aka~ stoopidgerl)

Occupation: stay-at-home-mom, photographer, and resin jewelry artist

Favourite colour:  It changes all the time but right now my favorite color is purple

Favourite animal: zebra

Favourite arty book: any David LaChapelle photography book

Favourite song: another thing that's constantly changing but right now I love Electrosexual's "I Feel Love"

Inspiration: Willy Wonka and his chocolate factory

Shop name: stoopidgerl 

What you make: resin jewelry, photography prints, and pinback buttons.... also a little bit of vintage items

Who taught you what you know? I am self-taught with jewelry but I have a BFA from Wayne State University for fine-art photography.

When did you decide to sell your art online and why? I had a crappy job working at Sears as a children's portrait photographer and I couldn't take it any more so I walked out one day and starting dabbling in resin. Do you sell offline too? I would like to someday but right now I only sell my wares online.

Where do you make stuff ? I just recently moved and haven't set up my studio yet but I have a nice space in the basement of my home.

What are some other interests or hobbies you enjoy doing? I also enjoy going to carnivals, out to eat for Asian food, going to thrift stores, and I'm fairly new to the world of wine.

What is your favourite piece of art in your shop now and why? My favorite photo is the Rainbow Crackhouse.  This was an abandoned house in Detroit near Mexicantown. I'm not sure if it's still there but I felt like it was such a magical place every time I drove by it. My favorite piece of jewelry is the Rainbow Bright necklace  wearing it just puts me in a happy place!
 Strawberry Anarchy Likes...

Click Here to visit  The Beautiful Rainbow Sparkly and Vintage emporium that is Stoopidgerl.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

My birthday pressies...

I woke up today with a stinking hangover after doing drunken facebook posts... oops. My presents lifted my spirits so much along with nice birthday messages though. I was very spoiled! I got a red ukelele and it's so cute. Also I got this book which I previously blogged about "where children sleep" it's such a gorgeous book! Got a parcel in the post from one of my best friends which was so thoughtful and it included some vit d spray, a few interesting articles and some nice organic sweeties and address labels. I also got lots of money  and the day was finished with a nice Mexican take away meal! We had a lazy day which was nice too because I had quite a stressful week and craved some down time. Thank you to everyone xxx

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