Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Vintage Japanese Pose Dolls

My mum had a pose doll up high on the windowsill when I was a child and I always loved it and wanted to play with it. I still have it but it's all moth eaten but it's got history. I was so happy today when I found this one in a charity shop. This is really cool it's a music box as well as a doll and she turns round when the music plays. So cute! These are vintage Japanese dolls and probably what inspired Blythe dolls. I might regret selling this but I am trying to keep my flat clutter free ( not doing too well but getting a bit better over time) This little beauty is on sale over at ebay here. I also found a very cute "rings and things" jewellery display you can see in my vintage supply shop on etsy (link) I hope I don't regret selling the beautiful pose doll it is so lovely. Just wish I had a huge house I could fill with all the things I love.

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