Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The Neverending Story Fiber Optic Pot Head

I thought I would blog about this because I hadn't seen the film until I got asked to do a custom pot head for a fan of The Neverending Story. I really loved the film it was so magical and it will certainly be added to the Strawberry Anarchy Quirky Film List. I loved the illuminated castle and I was so pleased that I could try out a new idea I had thought of a while back which was to add fiber optics to a pothead, It went really well with the castle theme because of the glowing look of the castle. I actually added in Fiber Optics before I cooked my creation and they melted. I was so stressed and worried that they would burn and ruin the whole thing after about 8 hours work! Luckily they did melt but didn't turn brown and only looked like clear beads. Once the pothead was cooked I managed to add in fiber optics afterwards and it worked much better than I previously planned which was a huge relief. I found sculpting this one a challenge because the dog and the snake sign were very realistic compared to some of my previous creations I really enjoyed it though. It's up for "make of the month" on the Hobby Craft facebook page so if you like it please press the like button here.

Night time view...
 Inspiration Board...


  1. This is awesome Miquette! I loved this film too, plus I loved the dog

  2. This is fantastic Miq! Well done!!! Hayley x x

  3. HAYLEY!! I have a new phone and need your number, my old one wont even go on, please email me strawberryanarchy@gmail.com , we need a catch up, miss you and have been thinking about you xxx


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