Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The Neverending Story Fiber Optic Pot Head

I thought I would blog about this because I hadn't seen the film until I got asked to do a custom pot head for a fan of The Neverending Story. I really loved the film it was so magical and it will certainly be added to the Strawberry Anarchy Quirky Film List. I loved the illuminated castle and I was so pleased that I could try out a new idea I had thought of a while back which was to add fiber optics to a pothead, It went really well with the castle theme because of the glowing look of the castle. I actually added in Fiber Optics before I cooked my creation and they melted. I was so stressed and worried that they would burn and ruin the whole thing after about 8 hours work! Luckily they did melt but didn't turn brown and only looked like clear beads. Once the pothead was cooked I managed to add in fiber optics afterwards and it worked much better than I previously planned which was a huge relief. I found sculpting this one a challenge because the dog and the snake sign were very realistic compared to some of my previous creations I really enjoyed it though. It's up for "make of the month" on the Hobby Craft facebook page so if you like it please press the like button here.

Night time view...
 Inspiration Board...

Thursday, 5 July 2012

The Nomi Fairy Pinata and Birthday Bash!

My friend Naomi had her birthday in Dundee last weekend it was a mad one and fancy dress too! It was great fun, she made me the wonderful Strawberry Pinata for my 30th and she did a tutorial for it. I had so much fun hitting it to pieces I just had to make one in return.... She also blogged about the gnome pothead I made her and uploaded a photo of all of us nutters in our costumes (see here). Making a pinata was tough with a toddler she put both hands in the glue and wiped it allover herself, grabbed my phone then decided she wanted to cuddle me. HAHA it was hectic. I never had enough crepe paper so all the stickers were to cover the glue spots, originally I was going to make it a blue berry with a kawaii face then it turned into a mad sticker frenzy, so much fun though. Inside was beads, sweets, chewing gum, stickers and there was supposed to be glow sticks however they must have been out of date, i took them out when I realised, I snapped them so they were going to be glowing when they fell out. Next time I will be more prepared. Anyway here is my cute monstrosity...

Naomi and her fairy cake made by Lydia!
Naomi makes miniature dolls house food jewellery on Etsy, please don't forget to check out her shop
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