Thursday, 21 June 2012

Surreal Art By Blair Walker AKA Dundee Pie

Look at this amazing work, this is one of my old art teachers from secondary school and a family friend, the Talented Blair Walker  from Dundee! I think it's fantastic work and really wanted to show it off, I am proud to say he was my art teacher, even though it was only for a module or so haha... Hope you like his work too, if you want to contact him to buy prints here is a link to his deviant art " Dundee Pie", where you can see more fantastic work, he also does realistic works that are spot on but the surreal is my favourite...

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  1. Its got Mr Walker written all over it!! Cool love the face ones. The face ones say Dundee to me too its great to see what he does. - Jacqui xx


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