Friday, 1 June 2012

Love Padlocks - Quirky Street Art

My friend just came back from Paris, while I was going through the photos I came across a fence filled with pad locks it looked so weird and interesting on the little screen. The fence was filled with pad locks with love messages on them. I had to google it and realised it's not just happening in Paris but all over the world. in short they are called Love locks, I think it's a lovely idea and it reminded me of my friend Kittys wishing tree here in the u.k- a little tree filled with wishes. Small things like this make the world a more colorful fun place to love. Long may it go on and prosper! This blog shows some photos of different locks from all around the world. Here are some photos I found...

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  1. Ya know, I might have seen gates like these but only with a few locks and might have never known it was for this! I'll be on the lookout for these from now on! It's pretty cool :) Thanks for sharing!

    ~ Kieli ~


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