Monday, 7 May 2012

Strawberry Anarchy in The Garden of Cosmic Speculation

Yesterday we visited this amazing surreal garden called " The Garden of Cosmic Speculation"  Frazer had read about it online and then was amazed to see it was in Scotland I blogged about it before, It's only open to the public for one day a year for 5 hours and we made it! WOO, it's not like us to be as organised as that but this was worth it :)

It was a really nice experience and it was very beautifully made I am so glad we managed to experience it and Hazel LOVED running around like a little Alice in Wonderland. The attention to detail was stunning too. Lots of little things you could otherwise miss. I took around 250 photos but here are my favourites...

First of all I will show the large scale ones so you can get an understanding of the wide view of beauty...

now for the little details...

 Like this eye...

This was just at the side of a path and the metal was bendy so if you touched it, it would spring back and forward this was my favourite discovery...

There was also some parts dedicated to his late wife who helped design the garden these kind of shrines were lovely and thought provoking. I think this is a statue of her...

it has lovely white tree's like these...

I loved this area which reminded me of a greek palace and all the stairs leading up to the top, it must have taken ages to make it so beautiful..

I really wish we could have had the opportunity to meet the man behind it all Charles Jencks. I should have had the balls to knock at his door and I would have if I had thought of it at the time :D

                                              The house that belongs to the garden...
It was really busy so you can see that most photos have people in them.There were all sorts of people around the place from young to old all styles and types, very varied. It was a lovely magical day and I am so glad we got to see it.

Me and Hazel looking at the blue bells

I going to learn more about this garden and read about the inspiration behind it. I hope you've enjoyed my photos. Have I inspired you to visit next year? Just set yourself an email reminder so you don't miss it, we had to do that.


  1. Hi - these are some great photos. Charles Jencks was walking around and singing books. I managed to speak to him - what an amazing person!

  2. Hello!! Thanks so much, aww I am a bit gutted we never met him! I would like to see an interview with him I am off to the land of youtube to see if I can find one. Love your blog post about the day :D Cool Blog too x

  3. oh that looks amazing, thank you for putting all these pictures up. I definitely want to go next year and also to find out more about it, what an amazing concept and to have put it into practice in a garden, what a hughe amount of constant work. xx

  4. i'm from Malaysia and i really want to go to the garden! i wish i can study oversea and go there :) that's for sharing it.

  5. Wow, never heard of this, great photos,
    maybe next year 4 me see ya Mac

  6. Thanks for the post! This garden is amazing... I found great pictures of the Garden of Cosmic Speculation in Art Days, here is the link! Enjoy! :)


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