Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The Pink Car With Eyelashes

Look at my fellow rubber collectors car, isn't it the coolest? I just love it! Me and Kirstoir met online years ago and have remained rubber friends ever since (she collects rubbers too) :D Now she owns this amazing car. She also has an etsy shop as well making cute stuff, good minds think alike. I am in love with this ... http://www.etsy.com/shop/kirstoir


  1. lol I've never seen that before! So inventive ^_^

  2. I know it just brings them alive :) so cuuuttteeeee xx

  3. i saw one of those cars in real life it was great i had never even thought about it until today. heres a question what do people do if they were born on feb 29

  4. Cutiee! Well, I hope the owner of this car is extra careful with cleaning and driving it. I mean, no one would want to see those headlights and their stunning lashes get broken, right?

    Leisa Dreps

  5. Oh, this is just so irresistible!!! Look at that charming coupĂ©… She’s really gorgeous! Whoever owns her must really be proud to flaunt her pretty Fiat around town. :)

  6. How cute is that? Haha! It would be pretty nice to drive that baby around. People can tell that the owner has a strong sense of fashion because she extended it to her car.

    Erwin Calverley


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