Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Best Pop Up Books !

I have a thing for pop up books! I always have done, to me they are like animation before animation was invented, moving pictures. The magical moment when you were small and only ever seen normal books and then a pop up book comes along and surprises the life out of you, oh that must have been a great moment.

When I read Hazel her first pop up book her face was a picture but she loves them now, her favourite is Snappy Little Monsters ! We also have The Tickle Book and The Lost Treasure of Skull Island . I don't remember the actual moment when I seen my first one but my favourite all time childhood book was Haunted House   by Jan pienkowski.

Both me and Frazers mums kept our haunted house books because we loved them so much but there is a new addition which I got for Hazel, the odds are she will LOVE IT!

Anyway I was looking around for other amazing pop up books and I found some cool videos, check these out they will blow your mind...

Oh and if you don't know the Haunted House book here is a run through...
One day I want to make my own Strawberry Anarchy pop up book. I noticed you can buy books on the craft of Elements of Pop-Up, The: A Pop-up Book for Aspiring Paper Engineerswhich look really interesting. I have just discovered a whole world I forgot about and will have fun looking other nice ones, if you know of any other great pop up books, preferably cute and colourful or trippy and weird please let me know of them...

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