Thursday, 19 April 2012

My New Vintage and Art Supplies Shop

I have decided to open a vintage and supplies shop, I have always had a passion for vintage toys and cute things from my childhood, I also love art supplies and am going to be gradually de-cluttering and selling some of the things I have accumulated over the years, I was holding out for etsy (the site my shops are on) to bring out a new feature to run all of your shops with the same login, but it's taking forever so I just went ahead and opened a whole new shop! It's called Berry Anarchy Supplies, I am going to be selling quite a mish mash of things here because I want to keep my Strawberry Anarchy shop for the things I make separate. in My new supplies and vintage shop you can expect to find, art books and inspirational books, vintage erasers and doubles from my eraser collection. care bears, my little pony, strawberry shortcake, disney and lots of other quirky little things. I hope you enjoy having a look around and it may take you on a trip down memory lane :)

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  1. Cool,i love checking out vintage and supply shops!
    So cute that you have a Monchhichi..i remember them!!


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