Friday, 20 April 2012

Marie Forleo is the Bomb Bomb Diggity Alternative Fun Business Coach

Maria Forleo is just my kind of person, she's funny, she's clever, interesting and knows what she is talking about, I wanted to share my inspiration. I am so fed up of watching boring business men try and tell me tips, at least with Marie she is down to earth and her videos are fun and entertaining, check out out one of her videos below!

Ever since listening to rich dad poor dad which I posted about earlier, I have been on a positive mission and all these amazing things keep coming my way, when I listened to rich dad poor dad I learned a lot about the business side of things, I love online work, it suits me and I can work when I like around when Hazel sleeps. I don't drive (YET!! That will be changing in the next few weeks when I get lesson again) so craft fairs are hard to do! Rich dad poor dad inspired me on what to focus on and get feeling positive again, he said there are lots of talented artists out there but hardly any of them know how to sell their stuff! True I really don't know enough because yes I sell some but things are not flying off my shelves and we still have so many money stresses at the end of the month.

So... ever since I have been very productive and while I make my things I am watching positive videos that will aid me in getting my business re-launched! Back to Maria Forleo...

She has the same birthday as my baby - so she must be cool! If you are looking for positive videos just for every day life to get you motivated and also some great tips on online marketing, selling etc etc. Then go watch all of her videos.

You may notice my new " free stuff " tab at the top of my blog now, I have already implemented what I have learned! Please take a look!

Ah isn't feeling positive good?


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