Thursday, 5 April 2012

Rich Dad Poor Dad Review- Strawberry Anarchy

Yep it is true, I did say my next post would be positive and this one could be life changing for you. I have just finished listening to a 3 hour Audio book on youtube, it is 3 hours long but I guarantee you that if you listen to it all it will greatly improve the way you think.

I recommend it for all small business people or anyone who is not rich. It is a nicely written book and the person who reads it has a good voice too, you can even listen to it while you make stuff. I am feeling mega uber positive and am just away to write down a new "formula" you will know what I mean once you get to the end of it! If you are thinking " I don't have 3 hours to waste" then that is silly thinking.

This 3 hours will open your eyes and get your mind blown as far as the way you think. 90% of people will LEARN after watching this.

... and just look at my money vial waiting to be bought, wearing that around your neck is sure to attract some wealth! (It's done tongue in cheek and I always need an image for my blog posts so the money vial sprung to mind, just listen to the video and let me know if you learned anything below if you are not too busy making some money)
Money Vial...

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