Saturday, 26 November 2011

Inspiration for LED Cutie Pot Heads...

There are a few things you might have noticed. I am obsessed with cute, things captured in glass and also light, I love lights! Although up until I have not been able to show my love for light as much as I would have liked to before until now. I made this LED light painting before... but the technology behind it was a bit too complicated to sell as finished products.

My pot heads work perfectly because the inner workings are inside the little plant pot so are hidden and the instructions to turn off and on are so easy ( turn battery around to face the other way) I just love playing with light and I learned about LEDs a few years back when I had been looking at some Light Graffiti which I also love. I have always loved the idea of vinyl toys with light and I am so happy I have been able to do this myself in my own way because I had thought of the light paintings and light dolls a long time ago but they all just came together recently. I also wanted to do light jewellery but then realised a few other people had been doing that already.

My first LED Painting... ( I cut out different shapes and added cardboard to the back and put acetate behind it to create different colours)

SnowFall pot head... 
First ever Lamp pot head...

Different style of lamp pot head...

You can see more of my Cute pothead over at my Etsy Store.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Randomeyes Boutique Interview

Who are Randomeyes

We are a small, family-run boutique based in Peterborough, UK, who
specialise in kitsch, quirky and one of a kind statement jewellery and
accessories in our own unique Randomeyes Boutique style! We have been making
our products since 2009, but Randomeyes Boutique was launched officially at the
Clothes Show Live 2010 and has been going from strength to strength ever since!

What makes Randomeyes Boutique so

Our jewellery and accessories share a uniquely quirky twist - they are
random everyday objects...with kawaii inspired googly eyes! Junk food, drinks, crayons, guns, donuts, cereal boxes...anything that shouldn't have eyes, now does! Why? Well it's a strangely humbling experience to make eye contact with a donut. Visit our website to see what we

Randomeyes Boutique takes an alternative view of the world and everything in
it. We think it's time for the everyday objects we take for granted to stand up
and be counted! Each and every item we create does more than just reflect your
personality and style...they have a unique personality of their own too!

Unlike many mainstream gumball and kitsch jewellery designers, Randomeyes
Boutique focuses on the concept of 'less is more'. We believe that when you
have a toothpaste tube with googly eyes hanging around your neck you don't need
any other charms or beads cluttering the chain to get noticed.

We even insist upon using black earwires, chains, clasps and findings on all of
our jewellery and accesories to really make a statement. Each item is presented
in a funky black Randomeyes Boutique gift bag, creating a truly unique, random
gift idea for someone special (or yourself, of course!).

What kind of products do you sell?

Our range includes earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, pins, magnets, mobile, charms, keyrings, hair, slides and mirrors. We also have a selection of limited edition and OOAK (one of a kind) items available on the website, for those who prefer products that nobody else owns, and a ‘Customeyes’ service, where you can request absolutely anything to be given the Randomeyes
Boutique treatment, and we will do our best to fulfil your request as closely
as possible!

We have just launched our exclusive limited edition Christmas
, where you will find holly, Christmas trees, presents, fairy lights
and more...all with our infamous googly eyes!

We also have a special 'Charity'
section on the website, where we donate £2 to the mental health charity, Mind,
for each pair of Googly
Eye Studs

Why was Randomeyes Boutique created?

Being lovers of all things kitsch and quirky ourselves, we understand how hard
it can be to find truly unique jewellery and accessories.

There are plently of kitsch handmade gumball and kawaii products on the market,
but they are all disappointingly similar in design, contradicting their
'uniqueness'. We aim to break the mould by producing a range of jewellery and
accessories that are completely original and unique in both appearance and
concept, creating statement pieces without compromising on our simple,
understated style.

Where does the Randomeyes Boutique
concept come from?

Our kitsch jewellery and accessories are inspired by a unique fusion of
gumball and kawaii styles, with a strong focus on simplicity and the
unexpected. It's the simple act of giving each our pieces their own personality
that sets us apart from the mainstream. It's all about appreciating those
smaller things in life that most people take for granted - a concept we feel is
all too often ignored

Who are Randomeyes Boutique's designs

We are well aware that our statement jewellery and accessories have a
fairly limited market. Hanging crayons with googly eyes from your ears, for
example, is not everybody's idea of a good time. But we see that as part of our

The whole point of Randomeyes Boutique is to provide a range of truly unique,
quirky jewellery and accessory products for people who want to be different and
stand out from the crowd. If you're looking for something more generic and
conventional, you're better off going to a high street store! We take great
pride the variety of product categories we cover, offering both male and female
customers the opportunity to buy Randomeyes Boutique products for themselves,
friends or family.

So, regardless of your age or gender, if you like to be different, share our
alternative view of the world and everything in it, or are simply a fan of
quirky, kitsch, retro, vintage, kawaii, gumball, or OOAK jewellery and
accessories, Randomeyes Boutique is for you!

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Some weird and wonderful images...Strawberry Anarchy: Image Bomb 8

I wish I knew where all of these were from I just found them on my travels online! Hope you like them I found them interesting. I especially like the circle of feet. Inspiring stuff.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Blogged @ 11:11 - 11/11/11

Just for luck,or something , plus I felt like it and it's handy because you can schedule stuff like this so it happens and you can sit back and forget about it. So why not eh? :)

Baby DR Who Tardis Complete with DR Costume

Isn't this just the sweetest little costume? I love the added humour too :) from this thread on craftster

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