Thursday, 6 October 2011

Super Store Rips Off Etsy Seller Applenoggin

This really makes me angry! It is always happening, I went into Claires accessories a few months back and seen similar vials to mine.

If you ever see my Pot Heads being ripped off then please know they came from my brain just like this gorgeous t-shirt came from Apple Noggins brain and now a big company has ripped it off! They have done a terrible version but still it is not fair. I feel so bad for her. It is so expensive to copyrite work and how are any of us supposed to get on when places like this just come and rip us off and sell it for dirt cheap! really angry. If you want to see more of Apple Noggins stuff just visit her here. It's shameful isn't it?

Apple Noggin Tee- far superior in quality and cuteness
Disgusting rip off by K-MART

You can still buy Apple Noggins one over at shanalogic!

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  1. Shame on K-Mart. But to be fair, they probably ordered it from a distributor, and the actual ripoff was perpetrated probably by an Asian country- Chinese companies are frequently the culprits of such low practices, especially when it comes to inferior copies. Their "copyright" laws are pretty much non existent. What can you expect from a country that cares so little for its own citizens human rights?


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