Monday, 31 October 2011

Inspiration for my Cutie Pot Head Growing Kit...

People keep asking me how I think of my ideas, so I thought I would let you into the process a bit more and start talking about my ideas.

The idea for this Growing kit actually came to me at a stupid time. My ideas always do, I dream some of them or they come to me when I am most tired, this was early morning when I couldn't sleep! My brain is always ticking away in Strawberry Anarchy land and all the skills I have learned over the years get combined together eventually until I come up with a perfect solution.

I studied Computer Arts and animation was part of the course so when I make character items I think of them as alive characters animated, so I already had it in my head that these little pot heads would be grown from a magical bean , sprouting out of their plant pots and popping to life. I thought it would be fun if you could really grow them then this idea came to me.

I loved magical things when I was small, I loved getting letters from the tooth fairy and the thought of Santa and the Easter bunny drove me to so much excitement that my parents had to keep Christmas and birthdays a secret until on the day or I would get so hyper I would have an astmha attack.

To me imagination and magical stories were the essence of childhood! Those were the things that made me happier and I have never let go of them because they were the happiest points that I remember. This growing kit was inspired by the tooth fairy and Jack and the Beanstalk, which I just loved.

I know I would have loved doing this magical little ritual and then being so excited when you see the results. It helps that I am a big child too so I know exactly what children like and children always love my work! So that was my inspiration. Here is some photos of the kit and the instructions below...

The reason why I say "adults of children" is because the kit contains super glue and the adult has to be part of the surprise, just read the instructions below and you will understand...


1, Please note this kit should be used with the supervision of an adult at all times because of the small parts and super glue.

2, Give the contents of the bag to the child. The adult should keep the glue and the head out of sight so the magic is not ruined!

3, Tell the child a magical creature gave you the little bag containing the bean, plant pot, personal note and magic dust. This creature could be a goblin /fairy/ mermaid or other exciting creature your child is particularly fond of. Make up a fun story of how you met.

4, Have fun planting the bean with the child by placing the bean in the pot and sprinkling over the magic dust. Leave to sit in the kitchen over night.

5, When the child has gone to bed discard the bean and the magic dust. In their place glue the head onto the miniature plant pot with the super glue. Put the super glue away safely.

6, Next morning show your child the newly grown pot head and watch their face light up with glee! They will see a very cute magical plant with a little face has grown. The great thing is they get to keep it forever and display it in their room (and you don’t need to water it!).

7, Their little brain will be filled with magic and wonder as they imagine how the bean grew into this cute little plant. A perfect recipe for a lovely childhood memory!

Please let me know what miniature pot head you would like when you make your order (blue) (green) or (orange).

Also please include the child/ children name/ names because each comes with a personal note on nice paper depending on if it is a boy or girl this personal note is from the magical creature of course - not me - no no no!

I will choose the paper accordingly having their name on it to make it just that tiny bit more magical.

This is the only kit at the moment ! So grab it if you want it before it goes it will be a while before I manage to get more made up. ( need to get supplies)

The little pot head is handmade with polymer clay which is non toxic and the miniature plant pot is made from terracotta ! The finished product is under 1 inch tall! (Oh so cute and special )

The best things MOST DEFINITELY come in small packages.

Oh and one last thing- The first person to get a video of their child planting the bean and then the reaction to them seeing it finished will get their money back :) BUY HERE

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