Saturday, 15 October 2011

Handmade Kawaii Shadow Box Watches!

Ah I keep finding total gems on Etsy lately, these have got to be the most gorgeous watches in history. from you can get 10% discount if you enter the code LOVEJSHOP just for the opening ! I really love the little yellow bird one... arghh so pretty! I want it for my christmas I really hope they still have it by then.


  1. Ahh I love these! I'm gonna go check them out on Etsy now and maybe make a purchase.

  2. Oh wow, that's so adorable!! Great job, I just wish I had the money to buy one, I really do :'c

    Also, did you want to do a blog link exchange at all?? I will "steal your square" and you steal the one that I have on my page in my sidebar??


  3. glad you like them too I must get one at some point. Dakota- I would love to swap banners but is it possible to get on that is 125 x 125? if so please send me the code to contact(at) thank you :)


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