Thursday, 20 October 2011

Can you take just a minute to sign this?

There's only 3 days left and I know signing things can be a pain in the ass but this one only takes a minute, My friend is worried because her mother is going to be evicted and put onto the streets and I need people to sign this petition to help not only her but in turn my friend too who has a young baby and is very stressed out and lives in a Germany another country away from her mum, my friend is Polish and this is happening in Poland to her mother. Her mother has lived in her home for 20 years, the government are wanting to throw her out on the street. not on!! so please help me help my friend. Below are instructions... you can see a detailed translation below if you care to read it but if you trust me enough then just follow the instructions below (it is in Polish).

To sign in petition you must press Popieram petycję - jestem ZA and then click the link to confirm which will be sent to your email.
Thank you for any support.

(the building was taken in 50's from the owner by the Government. Now the old owners have the right to take the building back so they have to find the flats for those people who have the council flat. Now, there is no free council flats for now so they are "cleaning up")

On 16 November 2011, the amendment shall enter into force the Law on the Protection of the rights of tenants, who will strike first premises involved in the tenants without leases. Amendment passed in August, denied even the right to property persons temporarily evicted if they do not have legal title.
Recall that so far in the current legal order, the bailiff had to suspend the carrying out eviction execution until the municipality indicates a temporary space, or when the debtor finds such room. This was apply to any person whom the court has not ordered or replacement social housing on the eviction. This resulted from the art.1046 pairs. 4 of the Code of Civil Procedure.The amended law excludes the right to temporary premises to persons who occupied the premises without legal title - and so do not have a lease. Keep in mind that very many residents living in communal flats Untitled lease - for this reason that the housing authorities often neglect the legalization of residence such as grandchildren remaining in place after grandmother's death, or never issued to the tenants lease agreement, despite the accommodation of a valid referral.
To inhuman change in the law was easily accepted, used a pretext of fighting with the pathology of violence in the family. But the victims of the amendment will become not only perpetrators of violence and those that go against public policy homey, but also all those who are guilty of neglect of municipalities do not have legal title to occupied premises.
Well, here we have another lemon law, which will result in subsequent human tragedies.I ask the Governor to appeal eviction Mazowiecki Zajk Eve - Karkuszewskiej of st. Sempolowska 3 / 115 to time when it receives a local substitute.I appeal also to ask why she did not get the lease, where he has lived since May 1990 and from two years is charged rent of 200% for use of the premises.I ask for cancellation of the penalty.Please give the right to property Zajk Eve - Karkuszewskiej, lived there for over 20 years.If not, please stop the eviction, which is to be held on 24 October 2011 at hrs.9.00 until they get a local substitute.That is not an employee of the Polish Armed Forces, where the building belongs to the Military Agency Olszewska residential street in Warsaw, 14/20, does not mean that you have the right to throw her on the streets and to take all her belongings, which she will not be able to carry in her hands.I demand justice and respect for human rights!
Every human life deserves respect and support. In support of the Citizen of the Republic we support our country.

To sign in petition you must press Popieram petycję - jestem ZA and then click the link to confirm which will be sent to your email.
Thank you for any support.

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  1. Thank you for your support, xxx Mama Vi


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