Monday, 12 September 2011

My 30th Birthday Party Strawberry Anarchy Style

Here is some photo's of my party and the beautiful decorations and just a few of shenanigans of the night there was so many photos this isn't even all of them...

"crap" raffle goodies & Giant Strawberry Pinata Made By The Talented Nomi Fairy Who also sell on Etsy, please check out her shop, she is going to be a mum any day now!!
Me and Nomi in front of the decorations her and Lydia Made
The kawaii strawberry bunting

Frazer and Jack Enjoying Beer
Some more raffle prizes
Giant Strawberries By Lydia
I did a drunken Ladle speech
My cousin winning a crap prize
Robbie Helping set up
Giant Strawberry Close Up
Strawberry PiƱata which was filled with sweets and confetti
Frazer and his crap raffle present "you go girl" sticker haha
Bob, Bez , Diana and Jack
Randall , Bez and Diana doing pass the parcel
Jack Brought Glow Sticks, This is me putting them in my buns
Lydia made sun flowers !!
Frazer won hot dogs but he was pleased!
My beautiful birthday cake
Me and Lisa the champion of the crap raffle she won about 5 things!
Hair With Glow Sticks
Lydia AKA Decepticon
The Buffet
Me and Shirley
Bob won a mini broken trophy
I won mini dusters
Mhairi was number was raffle number 69 (wooty woo) and she won a travel cushion
Me and Lydia being silly
Pass the Parcel
Diana Won Tuna Fish!
Haribo Frame and Giant Lolly From Lydia
Lydia Won Spoons! WOO
so there you have it! what an amazing party spent with brilliant friends I am so lucky to have them and couldn't believe all that effort they went to I hope you enjoyed looking at them :D


  1. Love it! I'm already planning my super kawaii 21st for next year! Glad you had a great day.

  2. Ohh Erin, it's obviously going to be an amazing party then, I am rubbish and never end up doing my own parties I was lucky that my friends offered to take over and I got this lovely surprise.

  3. Happy Birthday!
    cool party theme. Looked like lots of fun.

  4. thank you it was a blast wish I could do it all over again right now in fact!


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