Wednesday, 31 August 2011

I'm going to be 30 in an hours time...

No way, only a few hours of being 29 left hahahaha can't believe I am away to be 30 that is "old" and I'm still really 17! But I'm happy, think I did all the stuff I wanted to do before 30 ;), apart from going to Japan. Oh and being a famous actress and rich (but realised I was shit at acting anyway and grew out of that want a long time ago, not the rich part though, still wish I was rolling in it) the later years of my 20's has certainly been better than my early 20's but thanks to all of you who stuck by me in the psycho going crazy breakdown paranoid stupid anxiety years. I am just so happy I have come out the tunnel and things are moving in the right direction. I have Hazel now she has made life worth living because I really always wanted to be mum and I think I felt a deep emptiness before that just couldn't be filled. Things are not rosy and perfect all the time don't get me wrong but they are a hell of a lot better than before and that is a great feeling and I am just happy I stuck it out to reach this point. I'm getting all soppy. Frazer is doing Hazels bottles right now so thought I would write a wee blog post I used to write in my diaries on personal big occasions but now my blog has taken over and I like to focus on more happier things, had a few glasses of wine, can you tell? Anyway cheers to you all who read Strawberry anarchy and my beautiful friends and family, love you all very much I am so excited about sushi tomorrow night WOO HOO then going back home for a mad house party at my friends house, should be great fun I love birthdays what's to hate about being 30 really? wrinkles grey hair and big bellies I would take them over any of the 20's insecurities, next - grannyhood, bring it on!I can't wait to be a mad granny xxx


  1. Happy birthday!!

    "growing old is a privilege denied to many"

    Love this quote, seen it floating about the internet. Really makes you remember how much great we have things. But it looks like you haven't lost sight of that if your post is anything to go by :) xxxxx

  2. Happy birthday, and check out my new blog, Anarchy!


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