Saturday, 23 July 2011

Amy Winehouse...I am very sad that mental health, drugs and drink took another talented soul...

Lots of conflicting opinions on Amy Winehouse. Here's mine: She was sound to me personally. I gave her a strawberry Anarchy necklace, she said thank you and we had a wee conversation out her window which was funny and stupid, she sent out a signed personalised photo saying she loved it etc. Amy frustrated me in many ways though I couldn't help getting annoyed about her not sorting herself out just because it was sad to see her get worse and worse and her getting a boob job. (I am more open-minded about the boob job now I am a bit older but was annoyed she was worried about the way she looked when she had the biggest talent going elsewhere) I am very sad that mental health , drugs and drink took another talented soul away.

I did relate a lot to Amy and her words, drinking, depression and making a tit of herself when intoxicated and the fact she wanted a baby so badly. Maybe if she got her baby things would have been different :(

I was really hoping she would be happy one day so the news today has upset me a lot, mental illness is fucking shit and so is addiction, don't get me wrong the people in Norway deserve so much sympathy and love at the moment and this shouldn't take away from that tragedy my heart goes out to them. They are very different situations I chose to post about Amy because I felt like I had a connection even if it was a small one.

R.I.P. Amy Winehouse!! I hope all your troubles leave now and you have fun partying with Jimi, Janis, Kurt and Jim.

Cat Morley
the founder of cutoutandkeep took these photos of me outside Prowse Place where Amy used to live in London. Amy didn't have to say thanks or be nice and friendly or even give me a wee thing back but she did and I will always remember that day and the trip to London fondly...


  1. I think it is very nice that you got to meet her,good memories are the best!
    RIP Amy and blessings to her family

  2. Me too! I am so glad I did, I feel so sad for her family and friends and god daughter


  3. lovely words and a real sad sad loss, waste of a beautiful talented young life once again probably mainly due to substance and chemical abuse.. x x x

  4. Big hugs Miq, hope you're not too upset. Poor Amy xx

  5. In my eyes nobody dies when they "die" anyway, the body and soul is away but they live on until every memory of them is gone so people live on for a long time even though they are physically gone! XX

  6. ... and Cat that trip down to London was so much fun will always remember the spontaneousness of it all !! Loved it, hope you are having good times travelling in the U.S, go wild and make the most of it because one day when you are a parent even if you had the freedom to do it again, it just wouldn't ever be the same care free madness like before ;) xx


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