Saturday, 30 July 2011

Things I'm selling on Ebay

I will be selling some of my old clothes and other things on ebay around my house here are some of this weeks items for sale, if you want to see more click here or click on the photos to get the info...

WHITE STUFF Cotton Summer Top Size 14 Leaf Pattern

Short Strapless Rara Dress Womens Summer Party Sz 8- 10

Vintage Bubblegum Pink Flares Size 8-10 *Wide Flare*

HELLO KITTY Shopper Bag comic style Pink Black & White

Dog Poo Bags Holder DICKY BAG Carrier Pick Up Dogs Poop

Photo Realistic Enchanting Dolls

I recently saw a picture of these amazing beautiful dolls created by Marina Bychkova. I was struck by the very lifelike quality they have to them and had to find out more.
Using the fantastic drop and drag feature in google image search I was able to find out who they were created by. I think the detail that goes into the dolls and their costumes is really what makes them so special, that and you can tell that a lot of love has gone into creating them!

Here is what Marina herself has to say about her dolls and her website* :

When I needed to come up with brand name to give my dolls an identity, I decided to name them after Paul Gallico’s fictional, short story called “Enchanted Doll”, where a young woman creates dolls with so much love that they enchant people at first sight with their compelling, delicate, life-like beauty.

And this is my goal also.
Marina Bychkova

You can also look at more pictures on the Enchanted Doll flickr pool
*Be warned some of the dolls and pictures on the website and flickr pool are nude so may be deemed NSFW

Friday, 29 July 2011

Patrick Andrew Adams Street Photography

I love the toys and the street art in these photos. Here are just a few of my favourites but to see more you should visit aptricks etsy shop. I want to Gnome them all hehehe... oh god so bad but I just couldn't help it.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Two cute kids dancing to "Hey Ya"

This will put you in a pleasant mood...

Great video of two cute kids dancing, they've got some moves!

Illustration of Outkast by Johanna Goodman, there is loads more great stuff on her website!

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

The Garden of Cosmic Speculation

UPDATE: we managed to visit this yer, please see the new blog post for photos...

Sometimes the internet amazes me, I stumbled this article and thought, "what an amazing garden!" Then I find out it's in Scotland, I thought "even better we can visit!!" I'm more stunned I've never heard of it before.


The Garden of Cosmic Speculation takes science and maths as its inspiration and located at Portrack House near Dumfries. Unfortunatley it's only open to the public one day a year, so I'm going to have to get a reminder set for the 1st of May 2012!!


Photo's by Flexdream. You can see more on their flickr here

Monday, 25 July 2011

FOTONICA - Beautiful, surreal looking game

FOTONICA KONGREGATE ver. - Launch Trailer from Santa Ragione on Vimeo.

I love the art style of this game, I think mainly because the wire-frame aesthetic totally reminds me of the games of my youth. Star Wars (1983 Atari) springs to mind.

it's launch trailer for fist demo of FOTONICA, go try it on Kongregate

This is a first person game about jumping, sense of speed and discovery.
The key is timing, the goal is exploring and traveling flawlessly through the environment. The setting is an abstract - mainly duotone - outlined world, with a look referring to the ‘50s geometrical abstractions as well as the 3D low-poly gaming era.

The full version is availbale for the very reasonable amount of "you choose the price"

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Woven Rainbow Space Invader Present Topper

I love this retro looking idea, I think if you spent the time doing this on someone's present it wouldn't really matter what was inside the box, It would just be a shame to open it because the ribbon looked so pretty. The possibilities are endless with this you could do all sorts of cool pixelated stuff I would like to see the mario mushrooms for a start and maybe pac man etc... if you want to see the tutorial I found it over here at minieco .

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Amy Winehouse...I am very sad that mental health, drugs and drink took another talented soul...

Lots of conflicting opinions on Amy Winehouse. Here's mine: She was sound to me personally. I gave her a strawberry Anarchy necklace, she said thank you and we had a wee conversation out her window which was funny and stupid, she sent out a signed personalised photo saying she loved it etc. Amy frustrated me in many ways though I couldn't help getting annoyed about her not sorting herself out just because it was sad to see her get worse and worse and her getting a boob job. (I am more open-minded about the boob job now I am a bit older but was annoyed she was worried about the way she looked when she had the biggest talent going elsewhere) I am very sad that mental health , drugs and drink took another talented soul away.

I did relate a lot to Amy and her words, drinking, depression and making a tit of herself when intoxicated and the fact she wanted a baby so badly. Maybe if she got her baby things would have been different :(

I was really hoping she would be happy one day so the news today has upset me a lot, mental illness is fucking shit and so is addiction, don't get me wrong the people in Norway deserve so much sympathy and love at the moment and this shouldn't take away from that tragedy my heart goes out to them. They are very different situations I chose to post about Amy because I felt like I had a connection even if it was a small one.

R.I.P. Amy Winehouse!! I hope all your troubles leave now and you have fun partying with Jimi, Janis, Kurt and Jim.

Cat Morley
the founder of cutoutandkeep took these photos of me outside Prowse Place where Amy used to live in London. Amy didn't have to say thanks or be nice and friendly or even give me a wee thing back but she did and I will always remember that day and the trip to London fondly...

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Embroidery Ring Frames- Another Brilliant Idea...

Another fantastic idea which would be great for anyone who has an old top, or fabric ends or for baby clothes I think this would be nice to have in our house but I would use Hazels old sleepsuits which have cute patterns on them and it would be good to look at them and have the nice memories too.

This was found over at Polli.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Small Cute Stuff...

Here are some more ultra cute animals and a little adorable baby as well always nice to cheer you up...

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Image Bomb 7 Interesting Images

Here's some more cool stuff I have found on my travels around tinternet! I am especially in the mood for that giant ice lolly...

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