Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Strawberry Anarchy Closing Down Sale... Everything Must Go!

Now before you go and freak out and think "Oh My God, How on earth can I possibly be expected to live and survive without the jewellery of Strawberry Anarchy?" fret not...
Strawberry Anarchy is changing and evolving as we speak. I will still be making things and will still sell some jewellery occasionally but much less frequently so lots of my current jewellery will be gone for good to make way for new creations. My Strawberry Anarchy Etsy shop will be change dramatically and it wont be focusing on jewellery.

Until Then EVERYTHING in my Strawberry Anarchy Shop has 55% off ... I want it all to go please! Make room for the BRAND SPANKING LIP TWINKLING BOBBLE DAZING BUM BUMPING NIPPLE TWISTING (getting a bit carried away now) NEW STRAWBERRY ANARCHY!!!! Just enter the code 2THEBERRYEND @ Checkout to get 55% off all items in the shop. If anything doesn't sell it will be donated to SAMH charity (Scottish Association for Mental Health).

I am not going to give too much away at the moment but you may pick up a few clues over at my facebook page from now until then. I am mega excited about it all and If you are interested in receiving an email notification for when my new shop opens Please enter your email below, this will also include you in a special opening offer to celebrate the welcome of the new shop so don't miss out ( you can opt out of the mailing list at any time too, oh and I never spam you)...

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