Monday, 10 January 2011

Important Notice: Strawberry Anarchy Email Has Not Been Working

I have recently discovered that my business email address ( has not been working and I don't know how long it has been like this. Unfortunately it may have been months which means to anyone who has tried to contact me will not have received a response. It also means they might have thought I have been ignoring them, since not only was it not working but there was no bounce back email saying the email has not been received. I am really angry as apparently the emails are non retrievable and I can't get them back. It really pains me to think of all the business I could have possibly lost as I only found out about this from a third party who forwarded me as a potential person for a t.v interview about crafts in Scotland. As well as any shops where I have handed my card in over the last few months and to whoever else has used the address on my site. If you have tried to contact me recently and not got a response please email again with any enquiries. I am very sorry about this and can only apologise if you have tried to get in touch but haven't got an answer. The email is now working again.

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