Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Novelty Guitars and Cupcake ukulele By Celentano Woodworks

I might have to learn how to play the ukelele Just so I can get this cupcake one below...
Celentano woodworks is a beautiful Etsy shop filled with novelty guitars and other string instruments my favourite being this cupcake ukelele... but this shop is filled to the brim with imaginative ideas you should check it out.
Cupcake ukulele (cakulele) soprano

Apple ukulele

Goblin Fish guitar --3 string--

Thursday, 2 December 2010

20% Off in my Etsy Shop Today Only!! All orders posted out tomorrow

To celebrate the mad amount of snow we are getting here in Scotland I have set up a 20% off all items sale in my Etsy shop today- This only applies to my Strawberry Anarchy etsy shop! Just enter the code SNOWBERRY12 at the checkout to receive your money off. All Items will be sent out tomorrow so no need to wait around for ages!! This will be perfect for christmas. Don't forget to look at my snow globe necklaces there's a design for every sort of person.
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