Monday, 29 November 2010

Still No Bambino!! AARRGHH

Oh well I made it to 41 weeks but I don't want to ruin my bump collage so I think I will just take a separate photo I am now 9 days overdue. There's not much to report at all at the moment apart from how big this baby might end up because of all the cakes and sweets I have been eating out of complete boredom. I can't even walk very far so not able to do much either and I am SICK of cleaning and nesting I have went crazy and cleaned so many times now. I keep making the place look all lovely for the baby then- no baby and I have to tidy again, it's pretty dull and frustrating. It's getting harder and harder now too because I have so little energy. This blog post is just a bit of a whinge really, I have made some new jewellery but not got photo's of them yet but since I haven't posted for a while I thought I should since people might think it's because things were actually happening. Oh one last moan- the weather here is getting worse with snow and it's maybe going to be hard to get to the hospital too, typical eh. Anyway today Frazer got some nice photo's of the snow in Edinburgh at least it looks nice...

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