Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Customer Photo Competition Results...

Sorry it took so long for me to get this done! I really didn't choose a very realistic time to end the competition on seeing as we were in the middle of a move, oh well, you live and you learn eh! If you would like to see the competition photo's please go here and visit my facebook page. I numbered all the photo's 1-19 and did a random number generator on it came up with number 2 who is .... (see below)

Caroline Louise! Congratulations to you!! you win the following Strawberry Anarchy goodies...
1. Czech glass Citrus droplet earrings in Strawberry Anarchy packaging
2. Reverse Lego Pink phone charm
3. Miniature Porcelain Rose Tea Cup Ring
4. Fairy Vial Pendant with Chain
5. Kawaii Berry handmade Eraser
6. Purple Fantastic Plastic Cyber Bracelet

I want to thank every one of you who took photo's it was so much fun to see you all wearing my jewellery, I loved it. I am thinking of having a long running competition and getting people to vote for their favourites. So don't hesitate to get photo's posted. I will work on the details of this soon. Oh one last apology that I didn't make a film to do the draw, I am shying away from the camera for a while until the baby is here. Maybe I can introduce her on video :)

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